Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lovely Ladies on Challenge Chicks

Well I was going to scrap something for you all tonight but I haven't and it's all TRACYS FAULT!!!

She sent me over to The Challenge Chicks to have a look. I joined ages ago but I hadn't actually looked around yet.

THEY HAVE CHAT!!! And lovely ladies to chat to!

Lol. I love chat. Any of you that know me know I like a good chat now and then heh heh.

Any way....
Blame Tracy that there is nothing to look at here tonight besides more of my boring drivel. I will be a good girl and scrap tomorrow I promise :)

*picks up halo* I'm going to read more of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies now.


  1. LOL okay blame me - my kids blame me for everything as well.
    Hey but didn't you say you came up with an idea while chatting? So are you going to blame me for the masterpiece you create from your idea!!!! LOL

  2. lol yes my new design will be all your fault too Tracy!