Saturday, October 3, 2009

Super Busy Weekend!

Well we are all scrapping our little hearts out this weekend. So many challenges up to do. And of course the new ones coming up Mid month at Aussie Girls Gone Scrappin'

I thought I would share with you some pages of my son. I'm not very good at boy pages, I can never think of what to embellish them with. Girls pages are so easy with flowers, ribbon and rhinestones, poor boys are a bit limited with what embellishments we can use I think!

This is a double page LO of Josh playing football this year. I was so proud of him, he is 15 and plays football on the senior men's reserve team. He won best player on the field two weeks in a row and most improved player the following week. I get very scared sometimes when I watch him play, some of these guys are HUGE compared to him. The only time he has had a bad injury tho was an away game and I wasn't there. He was carried off the field on a strecher after being mistaken for a ball and kicked full on in the ribs/kidneys then trod on. :( My poor baby. He loves it tho and wouldn't stop playing no matter how many times he was kicked or trampled.

This is Josh at around age 3. We had a pool in the back yard and he learned to swim before he was 1! He is part fish I am convinced of it! He got the goggles and snorkel and flippers for his birthday and he loved them so much. He would cry and have a mini tantrum if I told him he couldn't wear them to the shop or to take them off at the dinner table. He would wear them in the bath and one night when I went in to check on him and tuck him in before I went to bed he was actually sleeping with them on lol. I love the bright colours on this LO, I don't usually use bright colours. I do tend towards more girly lO's tho.


  1. Loving that last lay out. what a crack up.

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