Sunday, September 20, 2009

Country Bird House

What a terrible day today! Rain, hail, thunder and wind. Where is spring? At least our Queensland visitors will be suitably impressed next week it's forecast to snow!

I have ran around today and finished off all of the jobs on my job list that I made at the start of the school holidays.... and just in time too. Back to school tomorrow! Hopefully the new library
will be ready for us to move into this week! How exciting that will be!!

Thought I would share one of my own designs with you today. These are my Country bird houses. I have painted the roof with crackle paint and the main part of the houses with paper. For decoration I have used wire and the flowers from my2angels. They stand about 30cm high when assembled. These are available to buy from Tracy at the my2angels shop. They come in kit form ready for you to decorate :)


  1. They are awesome - I did one also which is in my gallery on the website. It states sold out on website but they will be in stock by end of week - you gotta get one they are sooooo cute and will make a fab present

  2. Oh I was gonna put that in there. Tracy's is fabulous, a winter house :) Very different to mine and just shows how endless the possibilities are for making them!

  3. Wow thats a house and a half!!! beautiful. Daph sent me over for a look see!!