Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shelves Shelves and more Shelves!!!!

Just a quick note to you all tonight! I am so exhausted and aching from my day in the library. You are all saying now "what!! How can a day in a library leave you exhausted" lol Seriously.

Our school was lucky enough to receive the governments stimulus grant and are having MAJOR renovations done. Our new library access centre and IT room are the first to be completed..... well almost, we worked around them today as they laid carpet and finished little jobs lol.

Our old shelves were sent away 3 weeks ago to be resprayed and they returned today (just in time) looking fabulous! BUT they were all mixed up :( we have about 6 different types of shelving and it came back in boxes all jumbled together. Hours of arguing screwing and unscrewing later we sorted most of them out, if not to their original sets, then into ones that worked lol.

But I can tell you screwing a whole library full of shelves together is not an easy job! I didn't do it on my own of course but my poor old knees think I did lol.

I should have uploaded some photos here but Ruth has them all on her camera and I didn't think to ask. So I haven't done any scrapping or any of the jobs I was going to do today so I had them finished before Tracy comes Friday BUT I have a library ready to load books into tomorrow morning. That makes me a happy chappy :)

Night all I'm off for a soak in a hot bath and bed ready to do it all again tomorrow!

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