Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Emperor's new shoes

I was looking for something a little different to do today and decided that I would try to scrap a pair of shoes. My sister did it a few months ago and produced 2 fabulous shoes so I thought I would have a go to see what I could do. My friend Shannon challenged me to make them Goth so off I went to the local second hand shop and found a cute pair of high heels to play with. Now I'm not really sure what Goth shoes look like so I thought I would just stick to red and black and see what she thought when I was done.

Instead of doing two shoes I have only done one. The beautiful and talented Jacqui has taken the other one home with her to see what she can do with it.

I have used black rhinestone swirls on the sides of the shoe and added loose red rhinestones here and there to continue the red through to the back of the shoe. In a line from the heel up to the top I have used red rhinestones ending in a heart shape.

On the front of the shoe there was a strap and a buckle. I covered the strap in red rhinestones with a border of black ones on either side. The swallow is chipboard one from scrapware that I have covered with black rhinestones and placed over the buckle.

All of the products I have used today came from My2Angels where the lovely Tracy stocks some terrific products.


  1. omg i love what you did with those shoes, awesome stuff jo, and yep i love tracy's shop, best online store i reckon

  2. Oh I agree Amanda even when I think I have everything she stocks I can still find more to buy lol. Thank you for the kind comments :)

  3. Hey Jo,
    great blog site. you will have to help me with mine.... when I have more time...
    will follow your updates regularly.

  4. That wasn't what I expected when you said you were embellishing a shoe LOL
    It is pretty awesome, love the flourish and the colours are fab
    Tracy :)
    PS I was going to send you a RAK but I see you spelt my name wrong ... after all this time we have been emailing tut tut PML
    Oh alight but I will hand-deliver you the RAK when I see next week

  5. oooh a hand delivered RAK is so much better! I will go fix your name now *grovel grovel*
    Thank you sweetie :) heh heh

  6. Well thank you jo no pressure lol I am loving your shoe! I might go the other way girly!!!! lol

  7. Hi Joanne,

    You have done a great job decorating the shoe, very creative and looks fantastic!


    Your blog is really comming along!