Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Scrappy Spot

Wowsers what a busy day!! I haven't managed to create anything today. I have a certain online friend coming to stay with her family next week and since I am off to my younger sisters engagement party this weekend and have work again next week I thought I would tidy my scrapbooking room ready for when she came while I had time :)

This gorgeous and super handy cupboard was made for me by my father in law. It was supposed to be a Christmas present but because I'm spoilt rotten I got it when it was ready.... which was waaaay before Christmas. Under the shelves it has two huge cupboards and two sets of drawers on either end. It has ribbon holders (I really must get around to hanging the rest of my ribbon!) the little tubs hold small tools, inks, glues, adhesives and most used embellishments. The paint rack slides out to make it easy to get to the paints at the back. The small drawers are alphabet drawers and the racks on the end hold all of my papers.

These are the alphabet draws. In here I keep all of my wooden and chipboard alphabet letters and numbers.

The paper racks. He has made me three separate sections. One for cardstock, one for patterned papers and one for scraps. They are all separated into their colours.

My display cube. I like to change these as I make new things. I seemed to have a lot of red and black on my other shelf so I grouped them all together. It's fun even if no one besides me ever sees them.

My fowlers jars filled with flowers instead of preserved fruit heh heh.

The ugly shelving unit pilfered from downstairs. Fowler jars are on the top shelf, baskets of stickers, alphabets and rub ons are on the next and on the bottom magazines, books, my UFO basket and my cuttlebug, also a gift from my in laws :) Oh and my beautiful painting my son made for me. My intention was to cover each colour with flowers that matched but I haven't gotten around to it yet!

My other two sets of draws holding all my wooden products and embellishments and my second display shelf. I would eventually like a wall filled with shelves to display my finished work. Hmmm perhaps in the new house.....


  1. Now that is just showing off !!! I am soooooooooooooo jealous of your space

  2. I would have to agree!!!...I wish I had scrapping space like this!!..I might get something done.