Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My2Angels Waaayyy Down Under

Sorry I haven't been here for a few days. What a week I have been having! I have been very busy at work with the new library move, it took much longer than anyone thought it would! Then Friday(EXCITEMENT) Tracey and her lovely mother and two angels arrived at my place ready for the classes on Saturday. We took her children to a musical performance on Friday night. I would have pics for you all BUT when I pulled the camera out of it's case it had no memory card in it!! Grrrr

Saturday was a wonderful day, a little full on for some of us with 4 classes on but we all loved it! A couple of the ladies were complete beginners and they are now addicted lol. Sorry ladies there goes all of your free time and spare change now!

This was the boy page for our class. This is my gorgeous 15yr old son Josh. Funny little bugger he is. He hates having his photo taken! I loved doing this page. I find it hard doing boy pages. I never know what to add for embellishments. Tracy had some wonderful ideas.

This is the lovely off the page class. A house with a removable roof so that it can be used as storage. It's just the right size for holding dimensional magic and a million other pieces :) Mine is being used as adhesive storage. The houses were made by me for the kits :)

This one is my favourite page. The pic is my two youngest girls Mikaela and Kelsie. I have never painted chipboard in different colours before I use it, I always coat in one colour. So that was something different for me. I have also never used tulle, being too far from a shop that sells it! I really like the look, I am going to use more of it from now on. This page has so many different little embellishments on it you never really see it all on the first look. Just like all of Tracys pages!

So back to my horror week now the good bit is over!

Poor Tracy and family. The weather was so bad here on the weekend they weren't able to get out and see anything. We had planned on Sunday to get out and show them the west coast but we woke up Sunday morning to pouring rain and gale force winds. They decided to travel up to Burnie and stay the night there before heading on to Devonport. The trip to Burnie which should have taken them just over an hour took them 2 and a half hours! There were power lines and trees down on the roads everywhere and major delays in traffic as the roads were closed!

Trust Tassie to turn on the good weather for them.

I wandered in to work on Monday (I don't usually work on Monday's) , and in the sunshine mind you, to discover our beautiful new library/access centre had leaked like a 70 year old wooden boat! There was 2 inches of water on the floor in the foyer access centre! One whole row of computers were full of water and a whole stack of books were ruined :( The new carpet is soaked through. Sigh. One very busy day was spent trying to clean up the damage.

Today is my recovery day. I hope Tracy and family had a lovely time here despite the weather! I know I loved meeting them all and spending some time with them :)


  1. tracy is lovely, ive met her, she only lives about 1/2 hr from me................ love those projects you did, both LOs and the house, i want one

  2. The layout for your teen son is GREAT! Good on Tracey hey <3
    Bugger about the water in the library...what a nightmare!

  3. I am back - arrived home about an hour ago and shattered. Flight was delayed at Launceston for over 2 1/5 hours grrrrrrhhh but I managed to face my fear of heights and went on the chair lift thingiemebob in Launceston this morning.
    It was fantastic to meet everyone especially you and Brenda, we were made to feel so welcomed - the Tassie hospitality it just so friendly and soooo thoughtful xxx
    We all had an awesome time and hopefully tomorrow will put some photos up on my blog but for now I have emails and emails and some more to answer first (:
    Damm the rain didn't follow us home though (:
    PS I can't imagine why you would have leaks in a brand new library and its not like it rains down there HA HA

  4. :) had two days of sunshine since you left but this afternoon it started pouring rain again! The chairlift at the Cataract Gorge id Fabulous! I haven't been on it LOL I am terrified I'm going to fall off. I did walk across the swinging bridge tho. I told my friend when I got to the other end that I had wet my pants I was so frightened. I must have looked really freaked out still because he believed me and went into panic mode about how to cover it up LOL! (I was joking)

  5. What a great couple of days you ladies must have had, and you produced some great pages, I will have to book in next time.